Our range of Flours, Meals, Kibbled and Blended Grains and Seeds.

We also offer contract cleaning and source products upon customer request.

With more than 40 years combined experience in the grain and food industries, Mirfak Pty Ltd delivers quality service and processes that are both unique and innovative.

Product list

Stone Ground Flour

Mirfak operates 7 stone mills, 3 of which are dedicated, exclusively, to Gluten Tested manufacturing.

Grains & Seeds

Mirfak offer a selection of Australian grains and seeds as well as some imported products.


Mirfak offer a large range of Gluten Tested products. Contact us to discuss your product requirments


Mirfak is accredited with NASAA certification by ensuring the sourcing, handling and processing of quality organic products is maintained.


Quality grain products including pearled barley, triticale, rye grain and wheat.


Kibbling the grains breaks them into smaller particles which make the grains easier to eat and digest without effecting nutritional quality.

Product List

Buckwheat Kernel
Canola Seeds
Hulled Millet
Pearled Barley
Red Sorghum Grain
Rye Grain
Faba Beans
Teff Seed Brown
Teff Seed Ivory
White Quinoa
Red Quinoa
Black Quinoa
Amaranth Seed
Black Chia
White Chia
Buckwheat Flour
Wholemeal Triticale Flour
Wholemeal Wheat Flour
Wheat Flour
Malt Barley Flour
Malt Wheat Flour
Millet Flour
Barley Flour
Teff Flour Brown
Teff Flour Ivory
White Sorghum Flour
Pure Bean Flour
Red Sorghum Flour
Sprouted Wheat Flour
Wholemeal Barley Flour
Kiln Dried Oat Flour
Mung Beann Flour
Faba Bean Flour
Red Lentil Flour
Green Lentil Flour
Unbleached Spelt Flour
Wholemeal Spelt Flour
Mung Bean Flour
Kibbled Barley
Kibbled Buckwheat
Kibbled Red Sorghum
Kibbled Rye
Kibbled Triticale
Kibbled Wheat
Linseed Meal
Millet Meal
Organic Products
Organic Buckwheat Kernel
Organic Buckwheat Flour
GT Organic White Rice
Gluten-TEsted Seeds and Grains
GT Buckwheat Kernel
GT Canola Seeds
GT Hulled Millet
GT Linseed
GT Teff Seed Brown
GT Teff Seed Ivory
GT Quinoa
GT Amaranth Seed
Gluten-tested stone gROund flour
GT Amaranth Flour
GT Besan Flour
GT Brown Rice Flour
GT Green Pea Flour
GT Ivory Teff Flour
GT Brown Teff Flour
GT Milled Flour
GT Mung Bean
GT Buckwheat Flour
GT Red Sorghum Flour
GT White Sorghum Flour
GT Yellow Pea Flour
GT Faba Bean Flour
GT Red Lentil Flour
GT Quinoa Flour
GT Malt Barley Flour
GT Organic White Rice