Mirfak Pty Ltd has over 60 years of experience, specialising in the production of Grain Seed and Flour food products.

Our production process

Stone Ground Flour

Mirfak operates 7 stone mills, 2 of which are dedicated, exclusively, to Gluten Tested manufacturing. Based on traditional methods, we have developed modern stone milling technology, making an age-old process more efficient without over processing natural products.

The stone ground flour passes through an internal sieve, allowing micro sizes to be altered to customers preference when required. Our ever-growing range of Stone Ground Flour is packed in multi-wall paper sacks as per customer specifications of package size and pallet configuration.

Kibbled Grains and Seeds

Kibbling the grains breaks them into smaller particles which make the grains easier to eat and digest but does not affect the nutritional quality.

Our specially designed roller mills, use sharp-edged rollers set close enough together to cut the grain into 3 or 4 pieces per whole grain, which then pass over a sifter to reduce the floury dust and fine particles, creating a kibbled product.

Kibbled grains can be mixed and are ideal for bread baking or as a side dish.

Dedicated Gluten Tested Milling

Catering to the ever growing demands for quality gluten tested products, we have 2 Stone Mills dedicated solely to 'gluten tested' milling. As a result, we offer various products as gluten tested, having received negative test results by a NATA accredited lab.

Please see our product list for available gluten tested products and contact us for more information.

Grain & Seed Mixing, Blending

Our stainless steel ribbon blending machine, allow for the blending of a range of grains, seeds, kibbles, meals.

The blender takes the product from either side of the machine and it turns the product with a ribbon-shaped element to produce evenly distributed blended mixes.Offering custom blends upon request we can tailor blended mixes for all requirements.

Pearl Barley Plant

Our Pearl Barley plant de-hulls each grain individually. The outer husk is removed from the Barley by a vertical pearling machine. The grading process then consists of shaking sieve screens and air aspiration to remove any remaining husk and dust and leave a finished product at 99% purity or higher.

Hammer Mill Meal Products

Our Hammer Mills, use stainless steel blades to break down seeds and grains to produce a course meal consistency.

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